"While I was driving a truck, every time a big shiny car drove by it started me sort of day-dreaming. I always felt that someday, somehow, something would happen to change everything for me. I would daydream about how it would be." - Elvis Presley

The 1950s Elvis's Cadillacs

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1957 Cadillac Seville

This 1957 Eldorado Seville with the chopped top was NOT one of Elvis's Cadillacs, but has been included here for informational purposes, as it is probably one of America's most photographed cars and people get their pictures taken in front of it all day long. A couple named King had the King's Heartbreak Hotel restaurant in Memphis (down the road from Sun Studios), and had used it as a salad bar for their restaurant, which was done in an Elvis and rock and roll theme. When the couple divorced, Graceland bought a lot of their fixtures to use in a restaurant in the visitor plaza. The car museum was designed in 1989, and it was decided that the car would make a great attraction. It was renovated, weatherproofed and put out front. Currently it is bright green in colour but fans have seen it in bright blue too

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