"While I was driving a truck, every time a big shiny car drove by it started me sort of day-dreaming. I always felt that someday, somehow, something would happen to change everything for me. I would daydream about how it would be." - Elvis Presley

The 1970s Elvis's Cadillacs

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1976 Cadillac Seville

One of the most documented automobiles that Elvis ever owned. This unique car, with VIN number: 6S69R6Q456183, was gifted to Elvis' dentist Dr Lester Hoffman a few months after Elvis bought it in July 1975. Many years later, the now defunct website Artifacts was offering the car for sale for $99,000 with the original registration in Elvis name.

Around the same time, the car was advertised in the Phoenix Auto Trader as being in perfect condition, 50,000 miles and for sale at $55,000.

According to The Cadillac Database website, this car was auctioned on Junr 18, 2001 with a atarting bid of $30,000. At that time, the car had 60,000 miles. In January 2003, the car was offered on e-Bay (item #1876830299). The car was also on display at the Elvis-A-Rama museum in Las Vegas, NV.

On September 18, 2010, the car was auctioned in Atlanta, Georgia by the Four Seasons Auction of Forsyth.

In January 2011, the car was sold at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale in January for $35,200 with the following description:

Lot #1276.1 - This '76 Cadillac was given by Elvis Presley as a gift to Dr. Hofman and was kept in his hands for 22 years. It exchanged hands with only a few people since then, but none have had a more special connection than Dr. Hofman. The grey and burgundy 4 door '76 Cadillac features a fuel injected 350cid Oldsmobile engine with an automatic 700R4 transmission. The vinyl roof along with accent stripes adds to the character of the car. Red leather covers the interior that seats six people comfortably. The vehicle features power windows, power locks, automatic trunk lock, remote control mirrors and automatic climate control. The high energy ignition system cranks up Elvis's ride, while front disc brakes, a 2.56:1 axle ratio and Firestone steel-belted radial tires put the car to the pavement. With only 61,500 original miles on the odometer, this vehicle is still in great condition. Besides the history, this vehicle comes with a copy of the car's original title signed by Mr. Presley, a copy of the original Elvis Presley signed affidavit transferring the title to Dr. Hofman and a letter from Dr. Hofman describing the day Elvis personally delivered the car to him.

A few months later, the car was back again for auction, this time in Las Vegas, Nevada. The car was sold for $44,000.

Photos: Atlanta, GA. September 2010

Photos: Scottsdale, AZ. January 2011

Photos: Las Vegas, NV. November 2011

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